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Chocolate Flavored Dates: 9 Fun Things To Do as a Couples

Updated: Oct 8, 2022

"Couples that laugh together, stay together." -John Gottman

Today is World Chocolate Day! We put together a list of 9 Fun Things To Do as a Couple with Chocolate. Invite playfulness into your relationship and make a commitment to creating "us" time. Get to know each other on a deeper level, inspire and share your fondness and admiration for each other, practice moments of positive connections, and try something new. You can pick your favorite(s) from this list or make it a weekly date for 9 weeks.

In the Kitchen

1. Make your own chocolate bar - You can try adding other things such as dried raspberries, almonds, and such.

2. Fondue Muffin Pan - Melt chocolate and have some fruits and other things in each hole to dip in the chocolate.

3. Prefer going out? Go to your local bakery!

Arts & Crafts

4. Chocolate shapes - Use a mold (like silicone, plastic, or another material) or get molding chocolate. You could use white chocolate to add color to them!

5. Body paint - Get chocolate syrup (or melt chocolate, if you do, watch out for the temperature!) and take turns using paint brushes to make art in your partner's body. Up to you to decide how to clean it up!

6. Comic Strip - Create a comic strip involving chocolate, the possibilities are endless!

Let's Talk

7. Chocolate Statements - Download the Gottman APP. After choosing which category you both would like to start with (Love Maps is a great one to start with), get cozy where you can sit comfortably facing each other and have your chocolates available. Each partner will take a turn asking a question, after answering, share a piece of chocolate.

8. Love Letter - This one doesn't require actually eating chocolate. Just like a box of chocolates can come with chocolate pieces in a variety of flavors, we humans have many peculiarities that make us who we are. Take time to write down some of the things you enjoy about your partner and share it with each other.

9. Let's plan: come up with your own chocolate date idea. What will you do? For this one, remember that trying new things can be really exciting! Share what your favorite chocolate is, if you remember the first time you ate chocolate together share that story...

You are welcome to share other #ChocolateDate ideas or your experience after doing ours with your partner in the comments section!

Kelvin Rivera is a Student Mental Health Counselor Intern at Cypress Wellness Center and works with individuals of all ages, couples, and families. He believes everyone has the power to self-actualize and change their inner reality and feels one of the most important components in our health and well-being is our interpersonal connections. Kelvin uses an ACT-informed approach, integrating existential philosophy and a person-centered approach in therapy. Click "Schedule Now" at the top to request an appointment.

Thaina Cordero is a Certified Sexologist and Care Coordinator at Cypress Wellness Center. She has an MS in Educational Psychology, is a trauma-informed yoga teacher, and doctoral student of Clinical Sexology at Modern Sex Therapy Institute. She has completed Levels 1 and 2 of Clinical Foundations in Gottman Method Couples Therapy. She helps individuals and couples explore their sexual expression, needs, fantasies, preferences, curiosities, and difficulties as they create more pleasurable, satisfying, and fulfilling sex life and relationships. Click here to request an appointment.

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