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About  Us

We welcome everyone with our unconditional positive regard and provide a judgment-free, supportive environment. Our commitment is to provide high-quality mental health services. We want to serve our community and improve its well-being. 

Our commitment

A healthy mind for all

We are proud to be an inclusive counseling practice where all gender and sexual expressions are welcome. We provide mental health services at an affordable rate.  

"Wellness... for all."

Our Service

Our team's greatest asset is our innate empathy and its power to create meaningful relationships. We all strive to provide the best experience for our clients. Our team members are experienced and have a variety of approaches, insights, and expertise. 

Our Centers

We have three locations in St. Petersburg, Florida, and offer both in-person and virtual sessions. We offer a variety of mental health services and have access to a world-renowned art studio through our partnership with The Hive, St. Pete. 


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-563 & 575 49th Street S., Saint Petersburg, Florida 33707

-4244 Central Avenue N., Saint Petersburg, Florida 33711

We offer in-person & virtual therapy. 

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