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Our Team

While each member of our team has a great deal of training and experience, what makes us different is who we are. Our unconditional positive regard for all our clients allows us to connect in our sessions on a deep and meaningful level. We have all overcome struggles in our own lives, and we all still live with struggles on a daily basis. Our team's greatest asset is our innate empathy we feel for others, and that ability to use this empathy to build a strong counseling relationship with you. We are here to help you live a healthier and happier life.

Dr. Katie Schubert, LMHC, CST, NCC

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Dr. Katie Schubert specializes in sex therapy. She strives to help individuals and relationships grow stronger through communication, patience, tolerance, and self-care.


Katie works with couples who aren't happy with their sex life or who aren't communicating well. She works with individuals who have issues with their sexual or gender identity, sexual functioning, or sexually compulsive behaviors.


Katie is a Registered Yoga Teacher and often incorporates meditation and mindfulness training into therapy sessions. She is the owner of Cypress Wellness Center and is an adjunct professor at University of Tampa. 


Our Services

Our therapists specialize in working with anxiety disorders, depression, stress, relationship difficulties, addiction, and issues surrounding gender and sexuality. 

Couples Therapy

Our therapists can help you and your partner(s) work through communication difficulties, sexual concerns, trust and/or infidelity, and emotional/physical intimacy issues.  

Sex Therapy

We have several therapists specializing in sex therapy. Sex therapy is a specialized type of psychotherapy addressing mental health or emotional issues affecting a persons sexuality, sex drive, sexual functioning, or desire for intimacy. Individuals and couples welcome.

Family & Child Therapy

Our therapists can work with your whole family to help with communication, transitional issues, and addiction. 

Art Therapy - Individual & Group

Our art therapy helps individuals with self discovery, personal growth and finding space for creativity.


Art therapy helps clients lives with the practice of art making. It incorporates a range of art materials to stimulate creativity. 


Individual Psychotherapy

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