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Women Attempt to Explain What Sex Feels Like for Them

According to Katie Schubert, Ph.D., a sex and couples therapist and CEO of Cypress Wellness Center, the physical and emotional feelings that arise during penetrative sex stem from a rush of “feel good” hormones that produce a full body high for many women. She notes that it’s also common for women to feel warmth downstairs thanks to increased blood flow in that pelvic area. “While the vagina doesn’t have as many nerve endings as its show-stopping sister, the clitoris, there are still nerve endings in there,” adds Milton. “However, 90% of them are at the opening of the vagina, so most of the sensation and pleasure happens there. When the clitoris is stimulated during penetration it creates a flow-on effect into the vagina, almost as if it wakes up that area and multiplies the internal sensations.”

"It’s like riding on a unicorn, while the sun sets over the ocean’s horizon, and Morgan Freeman is narrating the entire thing."

"The other day, my husband asked me what it feels like when he hits my really good spots when we’re going at it. The best way I could describe it was that it’s like he makes my pussy see stars."

"[Oral sex] feels amazing. Like, super duper amazing. Good head can make me forget my own name and where I’m at. It basically like a nice, soft, warm, wet French kiss on your most sensitive parts. I’m obsessed."

"It's a kind of hard question to answer physically, it's like asking what it feels like to kiss someone. It's warm and wet and a little squishy but it's so much more than that, just like a kiss, that you can't really out into words."

"A Q-tip after a shower, times 10."

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