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What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)?

CBT is a therapeutic approach based on the theory that our thoughts, feelings, and

behaviors are all connected. The cognitive triangle is a helpful visual to understand

how the way we think influences the way we feel and how we act, and vice versa.

This means that you can change the

way you think and the way you

behave in order to feel better! Cognitive behavioral therapists will help you understand your automatic thoughts and if they fall into the category of any cognitive distortions, meaning that your assumptions are not correct. The goal of CBT is for you to catch these distortions yourself, and start to change the way you think which gives you the power to change the way you feel. CBT is helpful for lots of different people and problems, but especially for folks with depression and/or anxiety disorders. It is a more structured approach than other talk

therapies, and may include homework assignments for you to complete between sessions.

If you are interested in CBT, please reach out to Cypress Wellness Center

for information about our CBT skills group.

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