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Pelvic Health & Intimacy During Pregnancy: What You Need to Know

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

Pregnancy is a transformative time in a woman's life, but it also comes with a great deal of emotional and physical changes. Pelvic health can have a significant impact on your pregnancy and is often overlooked. Sex while pregnant can oftentimes be uncomfortable but there are ways to make sex an enjoyable experience during this time of your life. In this post, we will be exploring some of the key ways to preserve pelvic health and intimacy during pregnancy.

The pelvic floor muscles play a crucial role in maintaining pelvic health. These muscles support the pelvic organs, including the bladder, uterus, and rectum. During pregnancy, the pelvic floor muscles are put under increased pressure, which can lead to problems such as pelvic pain, sexual dysfunction and incontinence.

To preserve pelvic health during pregnancy, it's important to do pelvic floor exercises, also known as Kegels. These exercises involve contracting and relaxing the pelvic floor muscles, which can help improve muscle tone and prevent problems and pain during pregnancy. Your pelvic floor physical therapist can provide a plan of care to follow during the duration of your pregnancy.

Many women experience changes in sexual desire during pregnancy. It is very common for your libido to change throughout pregnancy; trimester by trimester your sexual desire will change. It's important to communicate with your partner about your needs and preferences during pregnancy. Experimenting with different lubricants and positions to find what is most comfortable for you can help make intimacy more enjoyable during pregnancy.

Don't be so hard on yourself for the changes your body is making during pregnancy. It is important to appreciate your body during this time of life. The key to an enjoyable sex life during pregnancy is making comfort and confidence a priority. If you are struggling with intimacy during pregnancy and find yourself in your head, talking with a sex therapist can provide guidance on enjoyable sexual practices.

Maintaining pelvic health and intimacy during pregnancy is an important aspect of overall health and well-being. By doing pelvic floor exercises, communicating with your partner, and talking to your healthcare provider, you can help ensure a healthy and enjoyable pregnancy. Remember that every pregnancy is unique and every woman's expense is different. It's important to listen to your body and do what feels right for you.

Sex On The Floor Podcast

Dr. Molly Hart, Pelvic Floor PT, Owner of Pelvic Balance Physical Therapy

Dr. Katie Schubert, Sex Therapist, Owner of Cypress Wellness Center

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