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Taylor Cooper

Registered Clinical Social Work Intern

Hello and welcome! My name is Taylor, and I recently relocated to the sunny shores of Florida from the Midwest. While earning my master’s in social work, I discovered my passion for working with older adults and individuals grappling with chronic conditions and other major life changes.

Throughout my career, I've recognized the immense value in providing support to individual’s facing life's challenges and the caregivers dedicated to their well-being. Burnout is a prevalent issue in various aspects of our lives, whether in our professions or personal endeavors. It's easy to feel overwhelmed and isolated, with no one to truly understand the weight of our experiences.

I understand the importance of having a listening ear during times of struggle. My approach focuses on helping you recognize your inherent strengths and fostering resilience through mindfulness and stress reduction techniques. My role is not to simply solve your problems but to illuminate the ways you are already overcoming obstacles, often unnoticed.

If you're seeking a compassionate ally on your journey towards self-discovery and growth, I'm here to support you every step of the way.


Credentials & Experience:

  • Adjustment to Disability/Illness

  • Caregiver Support

  • Older Adults

  • Anxiety & Depression

  • Grief

  • Burnout

  • Master’s of Social Work 

  • Licensed Master’s Social Worker in the state of Kansas

  • Registered Clinical Social Work Intern in the state of Florida

Taylor sees clients 18 and above.


  • Older Adults: Taylor is a highly experienced professional who has dedicated her career to supporting older adults through the various challenges associated with aging. Her wealth of experience enables her to offer invaluable assistance and resources tailored to meet the unique needs of this demographic. Specifically, she excels in helping older adults effectively manage chronic illnesses, cope with grief, and navigate the complex emotions surrounding loss. Taylor's compassionate approach and deep understanding of the aging process make her a trusted resource for those seeking guidance and support during this significant stage of life.

  • Chronic Illness: Taylor possesses in-depth knowledge regarding the profound impact of chronic illness on individuals and their families. Her expertise extends to offering comprehensive support and access to valuable resources designed to aid individuals and their loved ones in effectively navigating the multifaceted challenges associated with chronic conditions. Taylor is adept at providing assistance that addresses not only the physical implications of these illnesses but also the emotional and financial strains they may impose. Her compassionate approach and wealth of knowledge make her an invaluable asset to those seeking guidance and support while managing the complexities of chronic illness.


  • Caregiver support: Taylor possesses a deep understanding of the distinctive challenges encountered by caregivers and is adept at offering valuable support and resources to assist them in effectively managing their responsibilities. Her expertise extends to providing tailored guidance aimed at reducing stress and safeguarding the well-being of caregivers amidst their demanding roles. With a compassionate approach, Taylor empowers caregivers to navigate the complexities of their responsibilities while prioritizing self-care and resilience. By offering personalized support and access to essential resources, she plays a pivotal role in ensuring that caregivers can maintain their own well-being while tending to the needs of their loved ones.


  • Grief: Taylor possesses specialized training in grief counseling and has acquired valuable experience in providing support to individuals navigating the various forms of loss. Her expertise encompasses guiding individuals through the grieving process, whether they are coping with the loss of a loved one, the end of a relationship, or significant life changes. Taylor's compassionate approach and professional training enable her to offer empathetic support tailored to the unique needs of those experiencing grief. Her experience in this area equips her with the skills to provide invaluable assistance to individuals as they navigate the complex emotions and challenges associated with loss.

  • Burnout: Taylor specializes in helping individuals recognize the root causes of burnout in their lives and collaborates with them to formulate effective strategies for stress management, boundary setting, and prioritizing self-care. With her expertise, she guides individuals through the process of identifying the specific triggers of burnout and works with them to develop personalized approaches to mitigate stress. Taylor's support empowers individuals to establish healthy boundaries and implement self-care practices, fostering resilience and well-being. Through her compassionate guidance, individuals gain the tools and insights necessary to proactively address burnout and achieve a sustainable balance in their lives.


  • Strength-Based Approach: Taylor's approach is founded on the principle of recognizing and nurturing the strengths and resilience of her clients, in contrast to emphasizing their shortcomings or limitations. By adopting this approach, Taylor aims to empower her clients by identifying and amplifying their existing positive attributes and inner fortitude. This strengths-based methodology enables her clients to harness their inner resources to overcome challenges and achieve personal growth. Taylor's focus on strengths and resilience fosters a positive and empowering environment, allowing her clients to develop a sense of confidence and capability as they work towards their goals.

  • Helps Individuals Find Resiliency: Taylor is dedicated to empowering her clients by assisting them in cultivating the essential skills and resources required to confidently navigate life's various challenges while fostering resilience. Through her guidance, her clients are equipped with the tools and knowledge necessary to effectively confront and overcome the obstacles they encounter. By prioritizing skill development and resource acquisition, Taylor enables her clients to approach life's complexities with enhanced confidence and adaptability. Her ultimate objective is to instill in her clients a sense of self-assurance and the capacity to resiliently tackle whatever life may present them.

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