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Olivia Wolfenden, M. Ed.

Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern


  • LGBTQIAP+ population

  • Anxiety

  • Mood disorders

  • Poly/Non-Monogamous Relationships

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Credentials & Experience

  • Registered Clinical Mental Health Counselor Intern

  • Perinatal Mental Health trained

  • Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from the College of William & Mary

  • Bachelor’s degree in Public Health from James Madison University

Client Focus:

  • Ages 12 and older: Liv works with clients aged 12 and above, providing age-appropriate therapy to address their unique needs and concerns.


  •  Ethical Non-Monogamy: Liv is experienced in working with individuals and couples
    exploring and practicing ethical non-monogamy, providing a safe and non-judgmental,
    kink/BDSM-affirming space to promote health and well-being, communication,
    understanding, and connection in all relationship structures.


  • Trauma: Liv offers trauma-informed therapy to individuals who have experienced various forms of trauma, helping them heal, build resilience, and reclaim their lives.


  • Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders: Liv offers specialized support to individuals experiencing mood and anxiety disorders during pregnancy and the postpartum period,helping them navigate unique challenges and transitions, process birth stories, and invite self-compassion.


  • LGBTQIA+: Liv is knowledgeable and affirming in working with LGBTQIA+ clients,providing a safe space to explore gender identity, sexual orientation, and related concerns.

  • Sexuality and Gender: Liv supports individuals in exploring and understanding their sexuality and gender identity, providing guidance and affirmation throughout

their journey.

  • ADHD, Anxiety, and Depression: Liv helps individuals manage symptoms and develop coping strategies for ADHD, anxiety, and depression, promoting overall well-being.


  • Sex Worker Allied: Liv is an ally to sex workers and provides a supportive space for individuals in the sex work industry, addressing their unique needs and experiences with empathy and respect.


  • Couples: Liv specializes in working with couples, providing support in strengthening relationships, improving communication, and navigating challenges and conflict.



  • Mindfulness: Liv incorporates mindfulness techniques to promote present-moment
    awareness, self-compassion, and stress reduction.


  • Person-Centered Therapy: Liv adopts a person-centered approach, valuing empathy,unconditional positive regard, and collaboration to create a safe and supportive therapeutic environment.

  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT): Liv utilizes ACT techniques to help clients develop psychological flexibility, identify values, and take committed action towards

their goals.

  • Somatic Work: Liv integrates somatic approaches to therapy, recognizing the mind-body connection and helping clients access and process sensations, emotions,traumatic memories stored in the body.

  • Trauma-Focused Therapy: Liv offers trauma-focused therapy, utilizing evidence-based techniques to help clients process trauma, develop awareness and understanding of triggers, reduce symptoms, and reclaim their lives.


Liv maintains a compassionate and inclusive approach, honoring clients' diverse
experiences, identities, and needs in the therapeutic relationship. With a focus on
empowerment and growth, Liv supports clients in their journey towards healing, self-
trust and autonomy, authentic self-discovery, and holistic, aligned well-being.

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