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Jay Soto, BA

Mental Health Counselor Student Intern

     Jay works with individuals, couples, and families and has over three years of experiences working with adolescents. He takes a trauma-informed, person-centered approach with a focus on mindfulness and the mind-body connection. Jay encourages self-discovery and helps clients with a variety of struggles including self-esteem, identity, depression, anxiety, trauma, and more. As a queer person himself, Jay is an advocate for the LGBTQIA+ community and strives to foster an inclusive, safe environment for all. 
     He has worked alongside youth with risk-taking behaviors and their families in both Juvenile Justice and preventative settings. Through this experience, he has learned the significance of family role, communication, coping skills, and intergenerational trauma. He believes the client is the expert in their own life and works collaboratively to empower clients to meet their goals and therapeutic needs. If you feel stuck, numb, overwhelmed lost, or just need someone to talk to, Jay would be honored to support you through this time of your life. 

Credentials & Experience

  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Sociology with a Minor in Queer Studies from the University of South Florida

  • Masters in Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling with Marriage and Family Certificate from the University of South Florida - in progress

  • Anxiety & Depression

  • Life Transitions

  • Relationships & Families

  • LGBTQIA+ Population

  • PTSD, Trauma, Sexual Abuse

  • Relationship with self


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