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Hall Birdsong, MEd, CCTP

Registered Mental Health Counseling Intern 

Hall is a humanistic and trauma counselor. That means he believes that people are inherently good and able to reach their full potential by identifying their unique strengths. Some people seek psychotherapy when they’ve been challenged by hard times or difficult symptoms. Other people seek help when things are going well but they want to grow and develop to the fullest. That’s why there are a number of therapeutic approaches and not just one way of doing therapy. Hall tailors his approach to fit the individual and help them reach their goals. 


Hall is a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, meaning he has specific training in treating trauma and trauma-related disorders, including PTSD. This includes childhood/developmental trauma, physical/emotional/sexual abuse, and other adverse events. 


In addition to helping individuals heal from difficult experiences, Hall has experience treating depression, anxiety, grief, existential concerns, and identity-related issues. He is passionate about all individuals having the resources and support they need to grow and improve their lives. 


Hall’s counseling style is gentle and collaborative and he focuses on getting to know you as a unique individual. He has a deep belief in the benefits of therapy and encourages you to schedule a free consultation in order to ask any questions you may have and see if he’s a good fit for you.

To schedule a free consultation call/text 727-308-6094


Credentials & Experience:

  • Trauma

  • Anxiety & Depression

  • Panic Attacks

  • Intimate Relationships and Couples

  • Codependency

  • Life transitions

  • LGBTQ+

  • Sexuality / Gender

  • Existential issues 

  • Men's Issues

  • Stress Management

  • Work-Life Balance

  • Mindfulness / Meditation

  • Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies

  • Masters of Clinical Mental Health Counseling

  • Registered Mental Health Counseling Intern 

  • Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP)

Hall sees clients aged 16 and above


  • Trauma: Hall offers a secure and supportive environment for individuals to navigate and recover from past traumatic experiences. Through his compassionate approach, individuals are provided with the opportunity to confront and work through the impact of their past traumas. Hall's commitment to creating a safe space fosters a setting where individuals can openly address their emotions and experiences, paving the way for healing and growth.

  • PTSD: Hall specializes in providing tailored techniques aimed at managing and conquering symptoms associated with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Through his expertise, he offers personalized strategies designed to help individuals alleviate the impact of PTSD symptoms on their daily lives. Hall's specialized techniques are geared towards equipping individuals with the tools necessary to effectively manage and ultimately overcome the challenges posed by PTSD, enabling them to regain a sense of control and well-being.


  • Codependency: Hall is dedicated to guiding individuals in the development of healthier boundaries and the cultivation of positive, supportive relationships. Through his expertise, he assists individuals in understanding the importance of setting and maintaining healthy boundaries in various aspects of their lives. Hall's guidance empowers individuals to establish boundaries that are conducive to their well-being, fostering a sense of self-respect and autonomy.

  • Panic Attacks: Hall employs a range of effective strategies aimed at helping individuals cope with and decrease the frequency of panic attacks. Through his expertise, he equips individuals with personalized coping mechanisms tailored to their specific needs, empowering them to manage the symptoms of panic attacks effectively. Hall's approach focuses on providing individuals with practical tools and techniques to alleviate the intensity and frequency of panic attacks, ultimately enhancing their ability to navigate and mitigate these distressing episodes.

  • Relationship Difficulties: Hall assists individuals and couples in navigating relationship challenges, fostering healthier communication, and developing stronger connections.

  • Depression: Hall's support is aimed at empowering individuals to develop coping strategies, gain a deeper understanding of their emotions, and cultivate a sense of hope and resilience. By offering a supportive environment and personalized guidance, Hall plays a crucial role in helping individuals work towards overcoming feelings of sadness and hopelessness, ultimately empowering them to embrace a more positive and hopeful outlook on life.

  • Grief: Hall's guidance empowers individuals to confront their emotions, memories, and challenges associated with loss, fostering a path towards healing and acceptance. Additionally, he supports individuals in identifying and creating personalized ways to honor the memories of their loved ones, allowing for a meaningful and positive expression of their grief.

  • Men’s Issues: Hall provides support tailored to address the unique challenges and pressures faced by men in today's society. By acknowledging the societal expectations placed on men, Hall creates a safe and supportive environment where men can explore their vulnerability and express their emotions without fear of judgment.

  • Work-Life Balance: Hall is dedicated to helping individuals achieve harmony between their work responsibilities and personal well-being. Through personalized coaching and guidance, he assists individuals in setting boundaries, managing their time effectively, and prioritizing self-care. Hall's approach emphasizes the importance of establishing a healthy work-life balance, enabling individuals to thrive both professionally and personally.

  • Stress Management: Hall is dedicated to teaching individuals effective techniques to manage and reduce stress levels. Through his expertise, he provides personalized guidance tailored to the specific needs of each individual. This may include mindfulness practices, deep breathing exercises, time management strategies, and cognitive behavioral techniques aimed at promoting relaxation and reducing the impact of stress.


  • Somatic Therapy: Acknowledging the connection between the mind and body, Hall includes somatic techniques to assist clients in accessing and releasing stored emotions and trauma. Through the integration of body awareness into therapy, he promotes holistic healing and personal development.

  • Humanistic/Existential Therapy: Centering on personal development, self-realization, and the client's innate ability for healing and individual advancement, Hall's methods highlight personal growth, self-understanding, and the examination of existential issues such as the quest for purpose and the autonomy to make decisions. Humanistic and existential therapies urge clients to genuinely confront their experiences, nurturing personal accountability, introspection, and a deeper comprehension of one's place in the world.

  • Mindfulness and Meditation: Through meditation, breathing exercises, and mindfulness practices, Hall's clients can enhance their ability to cope with overwhelming emotions, decrease reactivity to trauma triggers, and improve self-regulation.

  • Trauma-Informed Care: Hall offers therapy with a comprehensive comprehension of the impact of trauma on individuals, while also ensuring a secure and nurturing environment for the healing process.

  • Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT): Hall aims to improve relationships by rejuvenating the physical and emotional connection. His approach involves offering Emotionally Focused Therapy, which focuses on understanding and expressing underlying emotions to transform negative interaction patterns and foster a secure attachment bond.

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