Lou Bardach, 

Student Mental Health Counselor Intern, 


     Hello, my name is Lou Bardach, and I am an IFS-Informed Life Coach and psychotherapy student intern. My approach to coaching is similar in some ways to psychotherapy, and I’m currently working toward my LCSW credentials as a Master of Social Work student at the University of Central Florida. I graduated with honors from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a bachelor’s degree in psychology, and I am a member of both the Psi Chi National Honor Society in Psychology and the Phi Alpha National Honor Society in Social Work. I am also an IFS-informed practitioner, having studied the Internal Family Systems psychotherapeutic model through the IFS Institute’s introductory Online Circle program (more info). I additionally hold a degree from the Colorado Institute of Art, and view people connecting with their “art” (in all its many forms) as central to claiming and living in one’s truth.
     I have been trained in Tibetan-style (Samatha) meditation and mindfulness practices and bring a grounded, person-focused approach to helping and supporting others. I believe each person is an expert on their own life, and partner with my clients to create a safe environment to foster self-exploration, healing, and transformation. I believe that health and well-being are cultivated through self-care -- by learning to become one’s own compassionate caregiver.
     Areas of focus with my clients tend to include:                 




           getting "unstuck" when feeling stuck in work or school, in                                       relationships or with family, in life patterns, etc.
           addressing loneliness or feeling a sense of disconnection
           exploring and healing the effects of childhood trauma including abandonment               wounds and shame
 addressing addictions and compulsions, and the wounding that drives these behaviors
 providing support in a psychiatric drug withdrawal/tapering process
 exploring spirituality or purpose in one’s life
 addressing inner conflict that perpetuates stress, anxiety, and depression
 working with existential issues (aka - dark night of the soul, midlife crisis, etc.)
 addressing harshness within oneself (an “inner critic), and challenges with self-compassion, self-
forgiveness, and self-love
As a gay man experienced in working with LGBTQ+ adolescents and adults, I am particularly interested in
helping others heal from the effects of homophobia and other types of social oppression through the
lens of intersectionality and empowerment.
My own “arts” include writing -- poetry, fiction, and non-fiction (I am a published author), public
speaking, meditation, stretching/bodywork, gardening, engaging nature, befriending animals,
encouraging children (and inner children) to laugh, traveling to places I have never been, and walking a
lifetime path of personal growth and discovery.

Credentials & Experience

  • ?

  • Inner child healing

  • LGBTQIA+ population